The Empower Difference

Tight-knit community.
One-of-a-kind core.

Our thoughtful, unique approach helps each student chase the fullest extent of their potential.

Our tuition-free, public, multicultural school is rich with empathy and appreciation for every student and their journey. We use innovation in learning, fitness, and technology together to produce globally productive citizens who are well-rounded and prepared. We honor multilingualism at our two-way Spanish immersion school. Native English speakers and native Spanish speakers thrive in small classes with a tight-knit K-6 community of staff, students, and families.  

We are proud that our students routinely have the highest test results in our area in both English Language Arts and Mathematics. 

There are still spots available for the 2022-2023 school year!
"My years at Empower have taught me many things. Values like kindness, honesty friendship and empathy. I have been taught new skills, I have met new friends and I have been given all the tools I need to succeed. I have also learned a new language."
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Olivia A.
2022 Sixth Grade Valedictorian

Our Mission and Vision

Our caring school community provides students from all backgrounds with an educational experience that honors multilingualism, critical thinking, and fitness. Our students will explore and question in a writing-centered, creative, and collaborative learning environment.

We will empower a generation of creative thinkers and effective communicators who lead healthy and fit lifestyles.

Why Empower?

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80% of parents desire their children to learn a second language.

Studies show that knowledge of a second language results in increased pay and job opportunities and promotes multicultural awareness and respect for diversity. Empower uses an 80/20 model of Spanish to English for the kindergarten and first grade levels with more English added each year so students will develop linguistically and academically in both languages. Fourth through sixth grades have a 50/50 split of English and Spanish instruction. 

Our Spanish Immersion program provides excellent benefits to students with both English and Spanish language backgrounds. 

An immersion education strengthens primary language skills for Spanish speakers and makes it easier to learn English. The goal for all students is to help them be fully proficient and bilingual. Bilingualism is highly sought after in today’s job market. Knowledge of multiple languages results in increased pay and job opportunities. We see that bilingualism grows student capacity for empathy and respect for the world’s cultures, as well as critical thinking skills. Strengthening literacy skills in a student’s native language greatly enhances the ability to learn English as well. 


CrossFit Kids is a fun and safe fitness program that addresses several areas of fitness. 

Not only do we holistically support academic growth and development via dual language learning, we also highly value fitness. Our students work on skills like agility, speed, flexibility, strength, and balance while learning fundamentals like throwing balls and mastering handstands. Our warm ups, workouts and closing games are all equally fun, making every class engaging. 


Young brains are prime for absorbing knowledge, and every child has an inherent desire to communicate.

Our holistic Spanish immersion is a positive and nurturing two-way environment, elevating native Spanish speakers and native English speakers equally. We prepare our students to compete in a multilingual world via classes taught in Spanish and English, including standards-based and writing-centered curriculum. Studies show that bilingual students often outperform monolingual students in a variety of areas.



Studies show that putting our learning into writing results in a deeper understanding of the concept being taught.

Students write daily across content areas to become powerful communicators with assignments including real-life audiences and purposes, making it authentic. 


We teach our students the value of good nutrition. 

Our school lunches are healthy and our school garden is a source of much pride and collaborative, project-based learning. 

Character education is an important component in creating a collaborative learning environment. 

Having a sense of camaraderie is important for young learners. At Empower, we cheer each other on, which helps students build a sense of community that will help them achieve their fitness and academic goals. Empower Language Academy students learn about core values like integrity, responsibility, and respect through classroom and school-wide activities. Goal-Setting in both academic and fitness areas takes place regularly.